Welcome to SERP.tech Training Area!

Don’t Be A Lost Teddy Bear! 
Please Read Below First.

We 110% recommend that before you ever build your first SERP.tech site that you first get a mental/conceptual understanding of how SERP.tech sites should be built!  We cannot stress enough the importance of having at least somewhat of an understanding of what you are about to do, before you actually do it.  If you just wander into the unknown without a guide or a map, you are going to get lost.

Take the training, then build a site.

So to help you we’ve created multiple Over The Shoulder (OTS) videos.  These are full length videos of Herc Magnus actually building SERP.tech sites from scratch so that you can see the thought process that goes into these builds.  We cover local builds in two formats, covering multiple cities within multiple states, as well as the more powerful covering multiple suburbs of a single city.  We also cover building out affiliate sites as well.

Once you are done watching one (or all) of the OTS builds, you can move into actual action by building out our own first SERP.tech site!  Simply follow step by step through the  tabs and videos on the next page, and build along side explicit directions!

Enjoy ranking sites like a boss, and if you run into any issues, make sure to join our Private Members Only Facebook Group to ask other members any questions you might have.